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Welcome to our Customer Center. Here at AmaTech it's no mystery that we try to educate our customers so that they can begin to recognize and fix common issues on their own. This page is dedicated to that idea and is therefore the perfect place to start in trying to get that computer up and running yourself.

Be sure to check this page often as we will post some tips and tricks as well as links to some very powerful programs that will help keep your computer clean and running great. Everything we post here will be things that we ourselves use and trust.

Now stop reading this and have a look around!

AmaTech Tip

UPDATE JAVA.  If you know you need Java on your computer be sure to keep it up to date.  Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world (existing on phones, computers, tablets, etc) and is therefore a prime target for hackers.  Every week new exploits are found and countless computers get hacked.  It is important to keep this software up to date on your computer.  If you are sure you don't use Java, uninstall it!